Welcome to Applied Information Technologies

Please be aware that information located on this site is being transferred to ais.its.psu.edu. Beginning August 18, this website will no longer be available and users must go to ais.its.psu.edu for service information.

From AIT to AIS

In October 2012, Applied Information Technologies (AIT) joined another Information Technology Services (ITS) unit, Administrative Information Services (AIS). A reformation of AIS now gives the department seven sub-groups: Security, Business Intelligence, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Solutions & Services, Project Management Office, and AIS Training.

Infrastructure support of all AIT services will be continued by AIS, however, front-end usability to a select number of services will now be maintained by Identity Services (IdS).

AIS will continue to handle all aspects of:

  • Backup
  • Core E-mail Services
  • Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS)
  • TrackITS
  • University Collaboration Suite (UCS)
  • Virtual Domain E-mail Hosting
  • Virtual Web Hosting
  • Web Services
  • WebMail