Configuring Clients

This pilot evaluation has ended.  These pages are no longer relevant for the proposed service.  A production service is being deployed as University Collaboration Suite (UCS) beginning Summer 2011. Please see your ITS Consultant for more information.

Here are the instructions for configuring and working with the Zimbra web client, third party clients, the native Zimbra client and mobile devices.

Getting started with the Web Client

It is recommended to configure your user profile via the Web client via the following instructions before trying other clients:

  1. You may get started by browsing to the web client and logging in via WebAccess with your Penn State Access Account.
  2. Once logged into the web interface, find the 'Help' button in the top-right of your browser window for help using the Zimbra web interface.
  3. Your account has been provisioned using data from the Penn State Directory. If you would like to change how your name appears in outgoing emails from the Zimbra web client, click on the Preferences tab, and choose Mail/Accounts from the left-side menu bar.
  4. While you are there, be sure to change your From address (or Reply-to address) to your address so that email sent using the Zimbra web client appears from your address and all replies come back to your PSU and GNR Pilot mail accounts. This change only impacts the web client and Outlook with the Zimbra Connector.
  5. Also check out the Shortcuts link on the left-side for useful keyboard commands for use in the web client.
  6. The sharing side-bar item has information about content others have shared with you and what you have shared with others.

Configuring other clients

  • General Settings for Third-Party Clients
  • Outlook
    • Download the Zimbra Connector for Outlook and install it with Outlook closed.
    • When you open Outlook after installing, the connector will be pre-configured for the pilot. You will simply need to enter your userid and password.
    • Outlook Users need to additionally configure PSU LDAP for directory-wide look-ups.
    • The Outlook Connector tightly integrates Outlook with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. If you're looking for more than straight IMAP e-mail, the connector will:
      • Sync your mail, calendar, contacts and tasks through MAPI
      • Give you access to delegated (shared) content such as calendars
      • Hooks neatly into the UI for a completely native experience
  • Mac OS X 10.5+ Apple Mail and iCal
    • can be configured similar to the instructions at the ITS KB,
      • In your configuration, change to to use the Zimbra server. Do not change this on an account already configured for
    • To configure calendaring, launch the
      • Choose Preferences from the iCal menu
      • Choose the Accounts Tab
      • Use the + button to create a new account and choose CalDav from the Account Type menu
      • Enter your PSU Access User Name and Password
      • Use as your server and choose Create

Zimbra Desktop client

The Zimbra Desktop client is off-line capable with an interface very similar to the web client. Download the client via Zimbra's website.

  • Configuration
    • Select New Account and choose Zimbra as your account type. When finished, choose Validate and Save.
      • Account Name: PSU Access UserID xyc123
      • Email Address:
      • Password: Penn State Access Password
      • Incoming Server:
      • Security: SSL

    Mobile Device Instructions

    Mobile Device Instructions from Zimbra and specific to this pilot.