Access Account Activation

Signature Station

An individual can obtain his/her access account user ID and initial password by visiting an ITS Access Account Signature Station (hereafter referred to as signature station) at one of Penn State's campus locations. The signature station application requires the user to provide his/her nine digit Penn State ID (PSUID) number. This can be accomplished in one of several ways. The preferred method is to have the user run their PSU ID+ card through the signature station card reader. The second method requires the user to provide their PSUID number along with a valid photo ID to a lab consultant and have the consultant enter the user's information into the signature station. The application then displays key University policies governing the usage of the Access Account and Penn State's computer network. Each Access Account holder needs to agree to the policy by signing his/her signature when prompted. A user has the option of choosing his/her own password for the user ID, or may choose to have a password randomly generated by the system. The user's user ID, along with the random password, if applicable, is displayed at the end of the application session.

A complete listing of all signature station locations is available at

Remote Method

In the event that visiting a signature station is not possible, a user has several alternative for obtaining their use ID and password. The remote method requires a user to download and complete the "Penn State Access Account Acceptance Statement" regarding the Access Account policy. The completed and signed form, along with a copy of a valid photo ID must be sent to the ITS Accounts Services Office for processing. World Campus students should send the forms to their department along with their enrollment packages. After the form is received and scanned into the database, the individual's Access Account is activated/unlocked. The user ID and password will be sent separately to the Access Account holder's home address of record, via U.S. mail. This method is practiced by World Campus on a regular basis, and, on occasion by the ITS Accounts Services Office.

In rare cases and under extraordinary circumstances, and with the approval of ITS senior management, such a letter may be sent to an address other than the home address of record.

Staff in the ITS Accounts Services Office follow an established procedure to verify user identity. In a walk-in service scenario, a staff member will ask for a user's photo ID for verification. In the event of a phone inquiry, a staff member will ask a series of established questions for verification.